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Mobile Business Analytics - Financial analytics application Design for iPhone

by Lin Li

Institution: Chalmers University of Technology
Year: 2009
Keywords: information visualization; financial analytics; stock market; iPhone; touch phones; gestures; interaction design; TIBCO Spotfire
Record ID: 1344297
Full text PDF: http://studentarbeten.chalmers.se/publication/111608-mobile-business-analytics-financial-analytics-application-design-for-iphone


The purpose of this thesis was to design a business analytics application for touch phones. Different visualizations were explored for finding the ways of visualizing data, as well as the limitations and possibilities that only existed on touch phones were taken into considerations. The target user of this thesis was the assets managers. Since they were not accessible during the design process, lots of market research was done as well as an interview with a consultant with domain knowledge to understand the users. The design was evaluated and refined several times, first between the designers then by the usability test. Paper prototypes were used as well as Flash and hi-fi images for the user tests, and last version of design was revised based on the user test. As a result, a flash demo was made to show a general usage of the application, and a guidelines report provides the design concept in details.