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"Let's Drink to 1997"; "Let's Drink to 1997"

by Simon Zandbergs

Institution: Karlstad University
Year: 2015
Keywords: Hong Kong cinema; John Woo; Tsui Hark; handover; heroic bloodshed; Humanities; Arts; Studies on Film; Humaniora; Konst; Filmvetenskap; Filmvetenskap; Film Studies
Record ID: 1345435
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:kau:diva-35261


Taking a look at ten films from the Hong Kong golden age 1986-1992 and how the common themes in these relate to the handover from United Kingdom to China in 1997, this essay investigates this with the use of a thematic analysis as well as with the theories of seeing “cinema as a mirror” and the way that the society and people of Hong Kong as a whole are reflected and identified in these films. From this it can be seen that the handover and themes closely related to it is recurring throughout the films of this period, but also how society and major political events are reflected in cinema.