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Flexible company on rapidly changing market - HMS case study

by Slawomir; Pliszka Olijarczyk

Institution: Högskolan i Halmstad
Year: 0
Keywords: flexibility; customer orientation; quality; European Marketing; Europeisk marknadsföring; Social and Behavioural Science, Law; samhälle/juridik
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Rapidly changing and growing market made entering to the market change a really hard venture. The assortment offered by competitors rose. To keep up challenges it is necessary to apply strategies and techniques which let the company to reach high position on the market. Still rising group of competitors made demanding of customers also rose. Surviving on the market started to be connected with ensuring high quality products, but with still keeping the same price of it. How company can achieve it? From the side of company it is connected with quick reaction to the customer needs and to gain it company has to take care after its flexibility. This paper is structured to answer the question why it is significant to be flexible on the market and also how to become a flexible company. To create cognitive perception of this issue, analyse of flexible company - an example of still prospering, a leader company HMS Industrial Network, is presented. The paper firstly identifies the research problem by presenting the theory gained from various literatures and then viewing prior researches concerning values of being flexible company, and secondly shows the methodology of the study. Next, the empirical findings from investigation of one, known as very flexible, company, are presented. Finally the conclusion is presented to see if reality support the thesis developed in paper.