AbstractsWomens Studies

Apparent Resistance- Alice Walker´s The Color Purple as supportive of patriarchal American society

by Helen Haugness

Institution: Högskolan i Halmstad
Year: 0
Keywords: Alice Walker; The Color Purple; African-American; Feminism; English; Engelska; humaniora/teologi; Humanities, Theology
Record ID: 1352103
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Ever since it was published in 1982, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple has been celebrated for giving African-American women a voice and for challenging patriarchal structures in society, but it has also been criticised for being stereo-typical in its portrayal of African-American men and women. In this essay I claim that the novel in fact supports patriarchal American society. I discuss this by first looking at the parts of the novel that can be seen as challenging towards patriarchal structures, moving on to a more critical standpoint showing that the resistance towards patriarchal structures in the novel is not at all as strong as it may seem at first.