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The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on an Organization’sStakeholders, Case Study: DHL, Sweden.

by Prince kofi Hanson

Institution: Mälarden University
Year: 0
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility (CSR); Stakeholders; DHL; Sweden.
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<strong>Abstract</strong> Date: 2008-11-5 <strong>Level</strong><strong>:</strong>           C thesis in Business Administration, 15ECT <strong>Authors</strong>:       Beatrice Yola Konlaan       Prince kofi Hanson <strong>Tutor:           </strong>Mats Viimne <strong>Title:             </strong>The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on an Organization’s  stakeholders: Case study: DHL, Sweden. <strong>Problem:</strong>      How does a corporate social responsibility performance    benefit its stakeholders? <strong>Purpose:</strong>       This research work will seek to find out how aware DHL is about CSR activities and in what ways this awareness can be impacted on its Stakeholders. <strong>Methods:      </strong>A qualitative method of approach was used for this research work, with regards to primary data; interviews (face-to-face interview, telephone and email interview) were used. Secondary data sources were literature, articles, journals and internet sources from the university data bases. <strong>Co</strong><strong>nclusion</strong><strong>:  </strong>The impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities on stakeholders have an overall influence on the organization hence steps must be taken to understand the broad issues that should be addressed, management should come out with an inclusive strategy for stakeholder involvement to carry out research and surveys on effective strategic conversations with stakeholders.<strong></strong> The involvement and early engagement of stakeholders in the planning process of decision making and implementation is very vital in view of the fact that stakeholders are those affected and affecting change in the community. Stakeholder involvement and collaborative decisions on CSR issues represent a high level of participation programs. However, it is not easy, and must be complemented in many cases with conflict resolution. The awareness creation of CSR activities by DHL on its stakeholders would add a very useful contribution to business development and profit making by this organization. The consciousness of CSR would cause all stakeholders alike to play their apart in the sustainability of CSR. <strong>Key words: </strong>Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Stakeholders, DHL, Sweden.