AbstractsMedical & Health Science

Stressors in Ugandan nurses’ working- environment

by Henrik Johansson

Institution: Ersta Sköndal Högskola
Year: 2014
Keywords: stress; stressors; nursing; working environment; Uganda; Medical and Health Sciences; Health Sciences; Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology; Medicin och hälsovetenskap; Hälsovetenskaper; Folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi; Medicine; medicin; Sjuksköterskeprogrammet; Sjuksköterskeprogrammet
Record ID: 1363663
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:esh:diva-3981


Background: Stress is a common problem for nurses around the world. In Uganda, the enormous pressure on the healthcare in the country makes it no different. Aim: To describe stressors in nurses’ working-environment in one hospital, one clinic and one refugee-camp in central and western Uganda. Methods: A qualitative observational study with observations from three different health facilities. The data was analyzed using content analysis by Graneheim and Lundman. Results: The results showed that factors like lack of equipment, improper handling of needles, exposure to contagion, environmental factors and information were all contributing to stress. Discussions: The result was discussed from two themes: Lack of safety and Knowledge related to lack of equipment. The first theme described the environmental hazards the nurses were exposed to in their proffession. The second described the relationship between knowledge, lack of equipment and stress.