The reuse of design rules by product and process documentation

by Emma Andersson

Institution: Jönköping University
Year: 2010
Keywords: Product development; Design automation; Reuse; Documentation; Case study; Engineering and Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Teknik och teknologier; Maskinteknik; TECHNOLOGY; Other technology; Mechanical engineering; TEKNIKVETENSKAP; Övriga teknikvetenskaper; Maskinteknik; Technology; teknik; JTH, Mechanical Engineering; JTH, Maskinteknik; JTH, Mechanical Engineering; JTH, Maskinteknik
Record ID: 1367285
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hj:diva-14420


The problem of automating design processes is often related to the difficulties with updating, maintaining and sharing the information. This thesis provides a descriptive case study of a large company’s design automation process and the difficulties of reusing already existing solutions.   The main purpose of the thesis has been to trace a product family from its specification of demands to a complete design program. An account is given of the documentation written during the product development process, of the different data storages and also how the company has implemented design automation in their process.   The results have been reached through a series of interviews as well as previous studies and material from the company. From an analysis of the results proposed solutions are given and focus on the low quality the documentation has and how it is a result of a rapid growth within the company.