Cooperation of Transport Modes and Structural Plan – A case study in Copenhagen

by Jing Lu

Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Year: 2009
Keywords: fysisk planering; spatial planning - local planning; spatial planning - regional planning; spatial planning - urban design; sustainable perspective; copenhagen structural plan; cooperation; public transport; cycling
Record ID: 1367296
Full text PDF: http://www.bth.se/fou/cuppsats.nsf/6753b78eb2944e0ac1256608004f0535/c6f8d8136edf0f90c125791a00177244?OpenDocument


Sustainable transport is a key factor of sustainable development. In Copenhagen, it is very interesting that the urban structure and transportation network correspond to each other to obtain sustainable transport. This thesis work contains four parts. I start with an illustration of relevant theories about sustainable development and sustainable transportation, which provide guidelines and principles for my further research. Then, I begin to collect official documents, information, and statistics from Internet and Greater Copenhagen Authority. In the third stage, I focus on the case study of Copenhagen’s urban structural plan and transport modes. During this period, I have visited Copenhagen and finished a lot of relevant research by myself. At last, based on the theories and analyses above, a summary of combing cycling and public transport in urban structural plan has been carried out. The main questions of my thesis research have been solved. In general, I find that combining cycling and public transport is related to urban structural plan and sustainable perspective.