Enhancing supply chain collaboration in automotive industry by value driven simulation

by Massimo; Larsson Panarotto

Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Year: 0
Keywords: mechanical engineering - general; human work science - work practice; business administration - management control; value engineering; simulation driven design; product-service systems
Record ID: 1369242
Full text PDF: http://www.bth.se/fou/forskinfo.nsf/all/dd7201b00abb5c6bc1257be60017111d?OpenDocument


This paper presents a computer-based approach for conceptual design that aims to enhance collaborative supply chain development in the automotive sector when dealing with product-service development or radical innovations. The focus of the research has been to design a simulation approach that will enable designers and managers to simulate and evaluate the value of different design options for the different stakeholders involved in the development process and to have insights about the implications between business model innovation and the engineered aspects of the solutions early in the conceptual phase. The approach is presented using a case study within the current project, after following a team responsible for the car cockpit. Four possible scenario have been simulated and evaluated using a commercial simulation software. The main advantage of the proposed approach is to enhance the awareness among designers and managers of the value of different design options, and allow them to explore further how business and design aspects profoundly affect each other, in order to support early decision-making in the design process.