Changes for a Local Company after being Acquired by a Foreign Company

by Richardh Mårtensson

Institution: Kristianstad University
Year: 0
Keywords: Social Sciences; Law; Samhällsvetenskap; Juridik; LAW/JURISPRUDENCE; RÄTTSVETENSKAP/JURIDIK; Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics; Ekonomprogrammet; samhälle/juridik; Social and Behavioural Science, Law
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This dissertation focuses on the topic of the changes for local companies being bought by a foreign company. A comparison of the situation, concerning the companies regarding the customer and supplier situation, before the change of ownership and after, is made to be able to analyse the changes. A case study of eight companies located in the Northeast of Scania that recently had a change of ownership was performed. A common view among business people today is that acquisitions are positive in general. Our findings show that it depends very much on who buys the company. And in most cases it is the opposite, namely that the company’s surrounding suffers from the acquisition. Since the empirical data is taken from Swedish organizations, the results of this study are valid for Swedish conditions and may not be valid for other countries.