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Wordsworth and his influence upon English poetry

by Charles Hammond Hipkins

Institution: University of Birmingham
Year: 1916
Keywords: PR English literature
Record ID: 1392603
Full text PDF: http://etheses.bham.ac.uk/3685/


In this thesis I have tried to abide by what may be called "the established notions" as to the appropriate length of a thesis for the M.A. degree; such a restraint I regarded as salutary to prevent discursiveness and laxity of construction. Writing within these limits I saw that it would be impossible for me to treat the influence of Wordsworth in all its length and breadth and detail. Being however interested to achieve general conclusions rather than to amass a multitude of cross references and parallelisms between Wordsworth and other poets, I cast about to limit my subject in the way least damaging to any general conclusion I might make. This I have done by interpreting the word "poetry" in an eclectic sense; I have not attempted to trace Wordsworth's influence upon productions that without injustice may be termed "verse." [...] My bibliography enumerates the books I have utilised to form my own estimate of Wordsworth and the other authors mentioned. It is not a list of books which make more or less mention of the "Influence of Wordsworth."