AbstractsMedical & Health Science

Life-threatening complications in childbirth: A discursive analysis of fathers’ accounts

by Hannah Moore

Institution: University of Hertfordshire
Year: 2015
Keywords: Discourse analysis ; birth trauma ; men ; fathers ; narrative ; childbirth ; secondary data ; qualitative
Record ID: 1409277
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2299/15748


Referral letters are the standard method of communication between GPs and specialist mental health services. However, previous research suggests these letters often fail to provide the information these services feel they need for effective case management. This study follows on from a previous audit designed to establish what information one Community Mental Health Team required and audit referral letters against this criteria. Referral communications were found to be poor across many information items. After results were disseminated to referring GPs, this study examines whether there has been improvement in referral letter content and whether there are differences between GPs and Other Health Professionals in information provision. Further, this study categorises information items into vital, important and desirable information, and highlights key information deficits. Results suggested no change in referral content since the previous audit, and no difference between referral agencies. Recommendations for encouraging improved referral communications are given.