Hybrid design : bringing the digital realm to Pretoria West

by Marike Venter

Institution: University of Pretoria
Year: 0
Keywords: Digital divide; Hybrid design; Pretoria West; UCTD
Record ID: 1418943
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2263/31577


The contemporary world is continuously evolving and changing. This can be ascribed to technological development. There exists an expanding digital realm that is changing the way society interacts with its surroundings and context. Interior design is a discipline that alters existing structures. This dissertation explores the role of interior design in adapting existing structures to technological development, focusing on digital development. Theories concerning hybrid design were investigated and compared in order to generate a design approach to the problem. Contextual analysis was done in order to establish important factors that would contribute to the generation of an appropriate programme. Thereafter precedents were analysed in order to supplement the body of knowledge. The final product is a mixed-use facility which includes an electronic book (e-book) publishing facility for Van Schaik Publishers as well as a facility for the contextual public where interaction with digital media is facilitated. The dissertation provides a project that acts as a mediator between the material and digital realms. Simultaneously, the product acts as a catalyst for bridging the great ‘digital divide’ one finds in a country like South Africa, where the larger population has no access to the digital realm.