AbstractsLanguage, Literature & Linguistics


Chapter one deals with the aims, objectives, methodology and the structured organisation of the study. Chapter two discusses theories of translation and literature review to supply the necessary theoretical basis of the current study. Chapter three deals with the translation of linguistic concepts using strategies that were applied by Bongela (1993) in the translation of linguistic concepts. Idioms, proverbs, figurative language, symbolism and imagery will be analyzed in this chapter. The extent to which these concepts were translated literally, or were adapted into more familiar IsiXhosa forms, will be analysed. Chapter four critically analyses Igbo cultural practices and norms as found in “Things fall apart”. These will be compared with the amaXhosa cultural practices and analysed using the strategies of translation. The extent, to which these practices have been adapted in order to make them more accessible to the Xhosa reader, will form the main focus of the analysis.