AbstractsWomens Studies

Eating burnt toast : the lived experiences of female breadwinners in South Africa.

by Bianca Rochelle Parry

Institution: University of South Africa
Year: 2014
Keywords: Psychology; Qualitative; Female breadwinner; South Africa; Phenomenology; Feminism; Gender roles; Lived experiences; Women; Unstructured interviews
Record ID: 1448005
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10500/18433


In modern South African society, many women have overcome traditional notions of gender by becoming breadwinners in their homes and providing primary financial support for their families. Employing a Phenomenological Feminist viewpoint, this dissertation contextualises the meaning that South African female breadwinners (FBW) ascribe to their experiences within their lived environment, utilising data collected from in-depth, unstructured interviews with FBW from the Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces. While taking into consideration their intersectional experiences of gender, race, as well as cultural and traditional societal pressures, this study represents these womens’ voices in order to understand how they make meaning of and negotiate their spaces and roles as breadwinners. In the course of interviews and analysis, the realities faced by FBW revealed experiences, individual and communal, shared and unique, which expose archaic divisions of gender within our society, which have been hiding behind constructions of reform advocating equality among the sexes.