Leadership and accountability in managing the Constituency Development Fund(CDF): A case study of Yei River County, Central Equatoria State- Juba

by Marry Apayi Ayiga Wani

Institution: University of Fort Hare
Department: Faculty of Management and Commerce
Degree: M.Com.(Public Admin)
Year: 0
Keywords: Leadership – South Sudan; Responsibility – South Sudan.; Development credit corporations – South Sudan; Human services – South Sudan; South Sudan – Economic policy
Record ID: 1455944
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This study is based on Leadership & Accountability in managing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the case of Yei River County (YRC) of Central Equatoria State, Republic of South Sudan (RSS). CDF is one of the initiatives of the government of South Sudan created by a legislation of Parliament to compliment development of the community needs as they expect more from the government of the day. The CDF Act 2007 which was passed by the parliament stipulated structures that govern the operation of the fund in terms of management, leadership and accountability to enhance effective and efficient provision of services to the people. The CDF Act provided that fund allocated to the MPs is to address the challenges that face the communities such as construction of schools, health facilities, water, roads and government facilities but not for personal interest or individual use. The problem that motivated the researcher to explore the performance of the CDF was inadequate service to the community although the government has allocated funds to each constituency channeled through the members of parliament to improve the socio-economic status of the community. The research looked at how the CDF roles, functions, and procedure were applied in the utilization of the funds to ensure efficiency. It analysed and evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of management of CDF to promote service delivery in the constituencies of Yei, Ottogo, Tore and Mugwo Payams. The study investigated the following questions: How is the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) been managed and utilized by the Members of Parliament (MPs) to promote development in their constituencies? To what extent is the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) used in accordance with the provisions of the CDF Act (2007)? To what extent does the CDF achieve its objective in promoting development to meet the aspirations of the people within the constituencies? And, what is the nature of the relationship between the MPs, the community and the County Local Authority in relation to the CDF? The study also examined the linkage between the various committees formed by the CDF Act 2007 to guide the implementation of the fund as well as the projects at grass-root levels in regards to monitoring and evaluation process. The study used both descriptive and explanatory techniques to guide the researcher in gathering information required on the best of CDF practice in Yei River County which were carried out using interviews, focus group discussion and observation. Twenty (20) respondents comprising of head of departments, women, youth, MPs of both parliaments - the National and the State, chiefs, councilors, CDF committees from the four constituencies mentioned above were interviewed about the use of the CDF. The study reveals that there are no clear linkages between the various committees formed by the CDF Act 2007 to guide the implementation of the fund as well as the projects at the grass-root level in regards to monitoring and evaluation process. In addition to this, less…