The solubilities of alkali chlorides and sulfates in anhydrous alcohols

by Emmet Rudolph Kirn

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Year: 1930
Record ID: 1482419
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/17969


"A search of the literature for data on the solubilities of inorganic salts in various anhydrous alcohols will show that comparatively little work has been recorded. Most of the work has been done on salts in aqueous normal alcohols and practically all of this data concerns only methyl and ethyl alcohols. This information shows a wide divergence in results with different workers. Perhaps these differences in data may be attributed to an error in that the alcohols may not have been absolutely anhydrous, for even small traces of water greatly affect the solubility of the salts. Again, the methods of determination may have permitted moist air to reach the solutions and thus introduce an error. most of the data given, with one exception, was for one temperature only. Nothing was found of a thorough study of the solubilities of sodium and potassium chlorides and sulfates in the lower alcohols over a wider range of temperature. It was thought by the author that perhaps such a study would show some definite relationship between the solubility of a salt in the various alcohols and the increasing molecular weight of those alcohols. It is the object of this paper to determine the solubilities of the above named salts in the first four lower monohydric alcohols together with their isomers at temperatures of 20�, 30�, 40�, and 50�C" – Introduction, p. 1-2.