AbstractsWomens Studies

Woman in the epic

by Lucile Armer Carter

Institution: University of Missouri – Columbia
Year: 1916
Keywords: women in literature ; social role ; epic poetry
Record ID: 1482621
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Within the pale of that civilization which has grown up under the combined influence of the Christian religion as paramount and what may be called the Teutonic manners as secondary, we find the idea of Woman and her social position raised to a point higher than in the poems of Homer. But it would be hard indeed to discover any period of history, or country of the world, not being Christian, in which women stood so high as with the Greeks of the heroic age. It is hardly necessary to point out that in the primitive, as in the modern world, civilization was in the main fostered and advanced by women. The men were absorb in war, the chase, and the struggle for existence. On the women devolved the training of the children, the transmission of national customs, and the traditions from age to age. – Page 1.