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Early Kentucky intrigues regarding the Mississippi River.

by Henri Reubelt Pearcy

Institution: University of Louisville
Degree: MA
Year: 1920
Record ID: 1484134
Full text PDF: http://ir.library.louisville.edu/etd/1106


This paper is involved in a study of the intrigues of Kentuckians for the securing of the Mississippi River as a free waterway for the marketing of their produce and the consequent improvement of the condition of Kentuckians in every way. The conspiracies of such men as Blount and Burr have not been included because there was no real and vital connection of Kentuckians with their schemes. The intrigues of Wilkinson after the Spanish treating of 1795 were not involving Kentucky peculiarly but rather the Southwest, and they would not be properly included here. Evidence of complicity in intrigues on the part of officials of Kentucky in years before the Spanish treaty is utterly wanting.