The relations of Great Britain and America (especially from 1861-1866)

by Edith Ellen Baker

Institution: University of Birmingham
Department: Department of History
Year: 1920
Keywords: D204 Modern History; DA Great Britain; E11 America (General); E151 United States (General)
Record ID: 1501363
Full text PDF: http://etheses.bham.ac.uk/4539/


This thesis examines the relationship of Great Britain and America (especially from 1861-1866) and concludes that from 1814-71 the American masses were more inclined to war than the British, but until the Civil War, America had no standing army and only a small navy, and after the Civil War the problems of reconstruction and the enormous loss of wealth and men, prohibited any outbreak of hostilities. The increased intercourse of private citizens which followed the introduction of steam navigation and the growth of commercial interests also bound the two nations in a closer and more abiding friendship.