X-ray investigations on ditropyl and xanthane hydride

by Richard H. Stanford

Institution: Rice University
Year: 1958
Keywords: Physical chemistry
Record ID: 1506098
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1911/18460


X-ray investigations have been carried out on two organic compounds, ditropyl and xanthane hydride. Their unit cell dimensions and space groups are summarized in the table below. Compound \a1\ A \a2\ A \a3\ A alpha1 alpha2 alpha3 Space group Ditropyl 8.79 6.52 10.79 116°30' 93°10' 86°25' P1¯ Xanthane Hydride 4.08 10.65 12.85 90° -' 82°5' 90° -' P21/c It was shown that the tropyl ring is probably a seven-membered ring, rather than the proposed bicyclic alternate. Xanthane hydride was shown to be a planar molecule and a method for solving the structure is proposed.