The influence of Latin drama on Elizabethan drama

by Florence Hale

Institution: University of Birmingham
Department: Department of English
Year: 1920
Keywords: PA Classical philology; PN Literature (General); PN0080 Criticism; PN0441 Literary History; PN2000 Dramatic representation. The Theater; PR English literature
Record ID: 1509806
Full text PDF: http://etheses.bham.ac.uk/4534/


In order to trace the influence of the Latin drama on Elizabethan drama, and to show how it modified or determined the development of the latter, it is proposed to follow in outline the origins and growth both of the Roman drama, such as it has come down to us in the works of Plautus, Terence and Seneca, and of English drama from its beginnings to its culmination with Shakespearean drama. The relationship between the two dramas is given consideration throughout the essay.