Comparison of various types of road surfacing

by Charles Cyrus Tevis

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Year: 1935
Record ID: 1519895
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/18001


"It is the intention of this thesis to compare the more common types of road surfacing by establishing both the good and poor qualities of each type of pavement. All of the subject matter that follows is based on the theory that each approved type of pavement has its use and the most economical pavement to construct is the one that gives the greatest service to the traveling public per dollar, invested over a period of years...There are only four major types of road surfacing, namely; concrete, asphalt, brick and gravel that are now being constructed in most states and I will endeavor to touch on the service, approximate cost, construction procedure, new developments and adaptability of each type in the order named" – Introduction, p. 1-2.