Motor tests and experiments in light.

by Bennett Mattingly Brigman

Institution: University of Louisville
Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Degree: MA
Year: 1912
Record ID: 1569023
Full text PDF: http://ir.library.louisville.edu/etd/152


This experiment was performed by the use of a Spectrometer using the customary methods of measurements usually adopted for this work. Method "A" The telescope having a Gaussian eyepiece attachment, the telescope's cross-hairs are illuminated and reflected upon the two plane faces of a prism in succession. The angle through which the telescope is turned between the first and second face equals 180 degrees – A, where A is the angle of the prism. Method "B" The Collimator so placed that the slit is illuminated by a flame it falls upon both faces, being divided by the edge of the prism. Each of these sections is reflected from the corresponding face and the angle of reflection measured by the telescope. As the telescope turns from one beam to the other it moves through an angle of 360 degrees – 2A. Method "C" Place the Collimator so that the light is reflected from one face only of the prism, and focus the telescope upon the reflected beam. Keeping the collimator and telescope fixed, turn the platform upon which rests the prism, until the second face of the prism reflects the light from the collimator through the telescope. The angle through which the prism has been turned is 180 degrees = A, depending upon the direction the prism had been turned.