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Winter weather types of the easter North Pacific and adjacent coastal and island areas

by George Francis Kosco

Institution: Naval Postgraduate School
Year: 1940
Record ID: 1575552
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10945/6610


In the preliminary considerations of this problein, the Idea back of the whole Investigation was to afford the U.S. Naval Service with a detailed study 'of the weather conditions of the eastern part of the i:orth Pacific ocean from which a logical solution of the weather In this area could be obtained from the available land reports. In case of a war (and it is upon these assumptions that the plans of the Navy must be formulated) It Is assumed that the Intricate system or network of reports over the continent of north America, particularly the United States and territories and Island possessions will be available to the Navy; but the ship reports over the North pacific will be reduced to a negligible figure. But it is just at this time that the weather situation over the North pacific will be a vital factor in the operations of the United States Navy. "Forewarned Is Forearmed"  – and all the advance Information that is available to the Naval Forces will be decisive factor In the success of a mission, likewise if this Information Is not available to the enemy it will deter him in carrying out his mlssion. With this idea in mind it was decided to carry out a study of the weather conditions of the eastern part of the North Pacific.