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Hydraulic separation

by Albert Edwin Eardley

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Year: 1897
Record ID: 1576983
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/17561


"Before beginning a discussion of the various experiments performed with the hydraulic separators in the Laboratory of the S. of M., a brief statement as to the principle upon which their working depends, and their functions in the dressing of ores should be given. The crude ore when first delivered from the mine is usually not of sufficient richness to be economically handled by the smelters; it therefore becomes necessary to eliminate as far as possible that part of the ore which is of no material value, and among the various forms of apparatus now in use for this purpose the hydraulic separator plays a very important part. When ores are concentrated by any means whatsoever there are always two chief factors that enter into the problem, viz: specific gravity and the relative size of the particles" – p. [1].