Some effects of jet entrainment on the external fluid surrounding the jet, with particular reference to the flow about aerofoils.

by Israel. Wygnanski

Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Degree: PhD
Year: 1964
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering.
Record ID: 1584361
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile116741.pdf


Reprint: The aeronautical quarterly, Vol. XV, May 1964. Reprint: Report No. 63-12, The flow induced by two-dimensional and axisymmetric turbulet jets issuing normally to an infinite plane surface Reprint: Tech. Memo., The effect of jet entrainment on loss of thrust for a two-dimensional symmetrical jet-flap aerofoil Reprint: Report 64-3, Experimental investigation of a 5% thick aerofoil with sharp leading and trailing edges, and blowing applied at the mid-chord point at two angles relative to the surface Reprint: Tech. Memo., The reattachment of a two-dimensional incompressible jet to an inclined flat surface in parallel streaming flow The flow induced by entrainment into a jet outside the boundaries of the jet and the forces arising from it, with particular reference to aerofoils, are discussed in this thesis. For the purpose of analysis the jet is replaced by a continuous sink of strength equivalent to the inflow into the jet. When a jet flows over a surface of an aerofoil the effective camber of the aerofoil is increased due to the downwash velocity associated with jet entrainment. This increases the lift attained by the aerofoil as well as the nose down pitching moment. [...]