Cooperation among American wage earners prior to 1890.

by B. R. Justice

Institution: University of Louisville
Department: Department of Sociology
Degree: MA
Year: 1927
Record ID: 1586594
Full text PDF: http://ir.library.louisville.edu/etd/718


Definitions : Productive Cooperation – an arrangement by which the employees choose those who are to manage the business. Distributive Cooperation – an arrangement by which the consumers manage the business and divide the profits. Profit Sharing – an arrangement by which the employees participate in the profits of the business. General : “The aim of cooperation is the substitution of common ownership and operation of trade and industry for individual or capitalistic ownership. The cooperator seeks common ownership not through the government, as does the socialist, but through voluntary association of producers or consumers.” This is a statement of the aim of early cooperators. Perhaps they were not as clear in their aim as they might have been, but in some way or other they sought for the day when labor should control industry. Whether they had in mind universal cooperation, or cooperation in the local sense, is not clear. Most likely they had in mind the bringing about of their desired aims by local cooperation.