AbstractsEducation Research & Administration

Administration of secondary education in Quebec : a case study of the Protestant School Boards of St. Bruno, McMasterville, Beloeil and St. Hilaire.

by Thomas Robert. Williams

Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of Education.
Degree: MA.
Year: 1965
Keywords: Education.; Education  – Québec (Province).; School management and organization  – Québec (Province).
Record ID: 1586893
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile118247.pdf


The demand for increased efficiency is a dilemma which faces members of all professions. Improved techniques, new discoveries, further research and the studies of the experiences of others have resulted in improved procedures in all fields. The education profession is no exception, as it has recently felt the impacts of concentrated efforts to increase efficiency at all levels. [...]