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The lower Rogue River : recreation resources : development and potential

by Roger Keith Davis

Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Natural Resources
Degree: MS
Year: 1965
Keywords: Rogue River Watershed (Klamath County-Curry County, Or.)
Record ID: 1588307
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1957/48124


The increased use of outdoor recreation as a part of the American way of life has focused attention on the diminishing ratio of suitable land available to meet the recreational demands. In Oregon, where the demand is greatest, there is still ample undeveloped land for recreation use. There exists, therefore a need to study and evaluate the land from the standpoint of its development and potential. One such area is the lower Rogue River in southwestern Oregon. The lower Rogue is endowed with a wealth and variety of recreational raw materials including mountains, beeches, forests, wildlife, the ocean, and the many tributary streams of the Rogue. The region is well situated in respect to the populous areas of the Pacific Coast, and is readily accessible on its north-south axis by Highway 101. The principal attractions are its renowned salmon and steelhead fishing and its equally famous mail boat trips up the Rogue's riffles. The lower reaches of the river are centered in the Gold Beachburn area, which provides the tourists with fishing and lodging facilities. Aside from the local accommodations, there are resorts along the river. The resorts provide lodging and tackle as well as charter boat service complete with experienced guides. The tyro needs nothing but desire. At present (1965) there is only one park in the area with campground facilities. The U. S. Forest Service, however, has plans for the extensive development of several campgrounds along the river within the Siskiyou National Forest. Curry County is also taking an active interest in the recreation potential. The county is attempting to persuade the state to establish a campground on the lower Rogue. County officials are also formulating plans for the construction of parks and waysides. The federal government is contributing to the development through various projects such as the Rogue River Harbor and the proposed reservoirs on the upper river, which will enhance the region's recreation value. The lower Rogue River has the recreation base and now needs only to have its potential developed and maintained. The concluding suggestions are designed to aid in attaining this goal. These include as a priority of the first order an east-west road to connect Gold Beach with the populous Rogue River Valley. Of second significance are the needs for increasing the Rogue's fisheries. Other developments in the future should include the establishment of a weather reporting station, recreational utilization of the public beaches, interstate improvements of Highway 101, expansion and construction of park and picnic facilities, establishment of a permanent Coast Guard Station, increased advertisement, and numerous lesser recommendations, all of which are a part of the enhancement of the recreation potential of Oregon's lower Rogue River area. This area has the ingredients: With planning it should become one of Oregon's as well as the nation's, most outstanding recreation attractions.