A Mathematical Model of Horizontal Wells Productivity and Well Testing Analysis

by Jing Lu

Institution: Virginia Tech
Department: Mathematics
Degree: MS
Year: 1998
Keywords: Well Testing; Productivity; Horizontal Well
Record ID: 1689358
Full text PDF: http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/theses/available/etd-8798-13564/


This thesis presents new productivity and well testing formulae of horizontal wells. Taking a horizontal well as a uniform line source, this thesis finds velocity potential formula and the productivity formulae for a horizontal well in an ellipsoid of revolution drainage volume by solving analytically the involved three-dimensional partial differential equations. These formulae can account for the advantages of horizontal wells, and they are more accurate than other formulae which are based on two-dimensional hypotheses. This thesis also presents new well testing formulae of horizontal wells in a single porosity system and a double porosity system. Compared with the formulae published in the literatures, our formulae, which do not use the sum of infinite series, are more reasonable and easy to be used in well testing analysis.