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Modulation of various stepping movement parameters during perturbed walking at specific periods of the gait cycle

by Hong Liu

Institution: University of Manitoba
Year: 2000
Record ID: 1707136
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1993/2482


This study investigated the corrective responses of the healthy adults in both sagittal and frontal planes during unexpected disturbances while walking. The purpose of the study was to examine which parameters are modified in both sagittal and frontal planes. Ten active healthy adults participated in the study. Walking was perturbed using a movable platform installed in the middle of a walkway. The types of balance disturbances included backward translation and forward translation in the sagittal plane. These were presented at different points of the gait cycle, specifically during the single support phase, just after right heel off and just after heel strike. The corrective balance responses o bilateral gluteus medius, adductor magnus, rectus femoris, hamstrings, anterior tibialis and gastrocneumius were analyzed. The trajectories of center of mass (CM) relative to space CM(S) were quantified to compare task performance levels between perturbed walking and unperturbed walking condition. The timing, phase changes in the trajectories of angular displacement, CM displacement relative to foot CM(F) were examined in sagittal and frontal planes. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)