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Chamber Music for the E-Flat Clarinet

by Jacqueline Redshaw

Institution: University of Arizona
Year: 2007
Record ID: 1797673
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10150/194436


This work will examine chamber works involving up to 12 players which include the E-flat soprano clarinet. Doubling parts, defined as B-flat and E-flat clarinet on one part for one performer, will be included only if the E-flat clarinet is present for one or more entire movements. The intent is to show that this lesser-known repertoire includes numerous and varied works which are both unique and distinctive.No extant literature on this subject is currently available. The importance of playing auxiliary instruments cannot be emphasized enough as competition and demand increase in today's professional performing climate; therefore, I believe the subject to be of value as a source for those performers who wish to broaden their knowledge of the literature and increase their career viability. It is hoped that this paper will become a vital addition to the store of clarinet repertoire which is catalogued at this time.The examination of this music will be primarily from a performance perspective, and will include in-depth discussion of the points of interest and challenges of the most prominent works. Included is an annotated bibliography, providing a complete list of the repertoire with brief synopses. Detailed background information will also be presented, delving into such areas as composers' inspiration (why choose the E-flat clarinet?), their other works of the same period, premiere performances and possible dedicatees, and other significant influences.