AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

Design for Global Markets Balancing Unilateral Global Brands with Local Cultural Values

by Yue Zhang

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Department: Design, Architecture, Art and Planning : Design
Degree: MDes
Year: 2009
Keywords: Design; product design; culture; brand; international; globalization; localization; markets
Record ID: 1854402
Full text PDF: http://rave.ohiolink.edu/etdc/view?acc_num=ucin1250534240


Designing products for global markets with cultural backgrounds that differ from those of the company’s native culture (cross-cultural design) is an increasingly important challenge for many local and international companies. This thesis identifies different strategies and describes how companies can choose the best approach when working on cross-cultural design projects. Design is key to achieving business success in the international market place and maintaining harmonious cultural development. A person’s values are a combination of local/national cultural values and global cultural influences. The percentage varies by geography and product category. Cross-cultural design practitioners must better understand the balance when integrating local and global cultural factors. For this research three strategies incorporating culture research that contribute to the improvement of cross-cultural design projects are analyzed: 1) Global Brands, 2) Reconfiguring National Brands, and 3) Target Markets’ Culture Localizing International Brands. These strategies will enable cultural outsiders to design successfully for international markets.