The influence of past experiences on the motivation of adult volunteers

by Marcus Darlington Eason

Institution: University of Georgia
Department: Agricultural Leadership
Degree: MAL
Year: 2009
Keywords: 4-H
Record ID: 1854412
Full text PDF: http://purl.galileo.usg.edu/uga_etd/eason_marcus_d_200905_mal


The study reported examined the likelihood of 4-H past experiences contributing to an individuals adult volunteerism. A total of 81 adult volunteers serving at 4-H Summer Camps in 2008 answered a survey questionnaire. With the help of Gil Clary’s, Volunteer Functions Inventory (VFI) questionnaire, via the six motivational constructs that compose the VFI, the motivations of 4-H adult volunteers were identified. The values motivational construct, which express’s values and beliefs related to unselfish desire to help others, is the leading motivational construct of 4-H adult volunteers. Of the 81 respondents questioned, 42 replied that they had been involved in 4-H as youth, and a majority of those attributed their present volunteer participation to their past 4-H volunteer service experiences. 4-H alumni view their 4-H experiences as very beneficial as well as continuing to influence them in later life.