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Teacher attrition among early career special and general educators: An examination of demographic and employment related risk factors

by Jason M. Naranjo

Institution: University of Oregon
Year: 2009
Keywords: Teacher attrition; General education; Cox regression; Special education; Risk factors; School administration; Special education
Record ID: 1854429
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/10235


The purpose of this study was to examine the influence that select demographic and employment factors have on the risk of attrition for beginning special and general educators. Data for this study came from the University of Oregon College of Education Student Follow-up Survey project. Employment outcomes were assessed at 1, 3, and 5-year intervals for a sample of early career special and general educators via a mailed survey. Cox regression analysis was used to estimate the risk of attrition during the study period. The findings suggest that overall special and general educators had low a risk of attrition, but risk varied by demographic and employment characteristics. Implications for practice and research are discussed.