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The Lexicographer's Daughter: A Memoir

by Bonnie Alice Lovell

Institution: University of North Texas
Year: 2011
Keywords: Memoir; Canadianisms; Canada; dictionaries; Charles J. Lovell; Americanisms; biography; lexicographers
Record ID: 1892236
Full text PDF: http://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc68004/


This creative nonfiction dissertation is a memoir of the author's search for the somewhat mysterious hidden past of her father, the lexicographer Charles J. Lovell, who died in 1960, when the author was nine. Her father's early death left the author with many unanswered questions about his past and his family and so she undertakes a search to answer, if possible, some of those questions. Her search takes her to Portland, Maine; New Bedford, Massachusetts; and Pasadena, California, where she tries to discover the facts and uncover the forces that shaped her father's life. Along the way, she realizes how profoundly his death affected and shaped her own life, contributing to the theme of loss that pervades the memoir. In addition, she begins to realize how much her mother, Dixie Hefley Lovell, whose significance she previously overlooked, shaped her life. Ultimately, she comes to understand and accept that some of her questions are unanswerable.