The changing nature of jobs: a meta-analysis examining changes in job characterisitcs over time

by Lauren Ashley Wood

Institution: University of Georgia
Department: Psychology
Degree: MS
Year: 2011
Keywords: Job Characteristics
Record ID: 1930299
Full text PDF: http://purl.galileo.usg.edu/uga_etd/wood_lauren_a_201105_ms


In recent years, the “changing nature of work” has become a growing topic of interest, but little empirical research has actually investigated proposed changes in the way modern organizations do business. This study uses cross-temporal meta-analysis of means to examine changes in five core job characteristics over the past 35 years. Results revealed that jobs are increasingly characterized by task identity, task significance, skill variety, and autonomy since 1975. However, feedback failed to show significant gains. Moderator analyses did not support sample gender as a moderator of changes in core job characteristics, indicating that jobs have not become more enriched for women in recent years. These findings are discussed in light of theoretical and practical implications for organizations navigating the changing nature of work.