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Mechanical Characterization of A2 and D2 Tool Steels By Nanoindentation

by Uzochukwu Chimezie Okafor

Institution: University of North Texas
Year: 2012
Keywords: A2; D2; tool steels; nanoindentation
Record ID: 1935622
Full text PDF: http://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc115131/


Nanoindentation technique was used to investigate the surface properties of A2 and D2 tool steel subjected to different heat treatments. the mechanical characteristics of these two easily available tool steels were studied based on microstructural images obtained from SEM, the grain growth after heat treatment using X-ray diffraction method and nanoindentation technique. the investigation showed that a single nanoindentation result can explain how heat treatment influences reliability and failure in A2 and D2 tool steels. in this work, the causes and effects of these variations were studied to explain how they influence reliability and failure in A2 and D2 tool steel. Finally, a cube-corner indenter tip was used to determine the fracture toughness of silicon wafer. the emphasis of this research is on how nanoindentation technique is more extensive in material characterization.