News media design: A comparative study of digital application format

by Lei Zhang

Institution: Iowa State University
Year: 2012
Keywords: Art and Design; Graphic Design
Record ID: 1940138
Full text PDF: http://lib.dr.iastate.edu/etd/12704



In this information age, newspapers are experiencing a transition from a printed format to a digital format. Using an electronic device to read news has become one of the important ways to acquire information in people's daily lives. The electronic mobile device, especially the iPad, provides a new platform for newspaper publication, which enables newspaper publishers to create unique applications for readers. However, the existing research about newspaper design for iPad devices is very limited. This study conducted an online survey to investigate users' attitudes toward digital format newspapers and printed format newspapers. Through the analysis of iPad application design and website design of the New York Times, USA Today and Huffington Post, it listed the common advantages and disadvantages of current newspaper applications. The case studies assisted to formulate the guidelines of e-newspaper iPad application design, which will contribute to improve the e- newspaper reading experiences for users.