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Becoming a MANPRINT Team Player

by Jared J. Sapp

Institution: Naval Postgraduate School
Year: 2014
Keywords: MANPRINT; Human Systems Integration; HSI; ARL-HRED; HRED; Defense Acquisition
Record ID: 2050290
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10945/43806


MANPRINT efforts have the greatest impact when initiated early in the acquisition process, when changes to a system can be made most easily. At this point in time, MANPRINT activities are funded directly by the Program Manager (PM)/Program Executive Office (PEO), who do not tend to allocate appropriate funding for early MANPRINT efforts. For this reason, HRED FE personnel must become MANPRINT salesmen and promote the value of their inclusion and market themselves to the acquisition managers. As support of acquisition programs early in their lifecycle has the greatest need for guidance, this document will largely discuss methods for moving MANPRINT â to the leftâ that can be undertaken at the HRED FE working level. Specifically, this document will detail how to become part of the PMâ s team and what activities would best support the PM once included.