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An Investigation of Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of Pennsylvania's New Teacher Evaluation System, Based Upon the Danielson Framework for Teaching, and Its Impact on Teachers' Instructional Strategies in an Urban School District

by Pamela K. Murray

Institution: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Year: 2015
Keywords: Classroom Observation ; Danielson Framework ; Instructional Strategies ; Teacher Evaluation
Record ID: 2057981
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2069/2304


This study examined teacher and administrator perceptions of Pennsylvania's new teacher evaluation system, based upon the Danielson Framework for Teaching, and its influence on teachers' instructional strategies in an urban school district. The mixed methods study included a teacher questionnaire (n = 94) and individual interviews with teachers and administrators (n = 13). The study was conducted in four buildings within the district representing a variety of perspectives based upon level (elementary and middle school) and years of experience with the new teacher evaluation system (0-3). Results indicated no statistical significance between any of the items on the survey and the demographic variables. There was no evidence to support that the Framework is having an effect on instructional strategies. The research revealed insight on the implementation process and offers recommendations to districts as they move forward with the new teacher evaluation system. Future studies should examine why teachers perceive the Framework to have an impact upon planning but not instructional delivery.