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A Hospitality and Restorative Environment Design Approach to Healthcare Design for Infertility Medical Tourism

by Christina Spake

Institution: Savannah College of Art and Design
Department: Interior Design
Degree: M.F.A.
Year: 2015
Keywords: Thesis (M.F.A.)  – Interior Design; Savannah College of Art and Design  – Department of Interior Design
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This thesis investigates how the built interior environment can become therapeutic for medical tourists traveling to receive infertility treatment. The integration of hospitality design, hospitality amenities and restorative design attributes begin to define how comfort, privacy, and patient satisfaction can be increased within an often institutional and uncomfortable healthcare setting. In addition restorative design principles are explored as a means to help mitigate the stress and anxiety that often accompany the infertility treatment experience. Amenities are specifically selected to promote the infertility patient’s reproductive and mental health, as well as general wellbeing. In addition tailored amenities and final design specifications are selected to appeal to a high-end clientele as this thesis relates to an affluent demographic. An analysis of existing literature, a survey, various interviews, and precedent studies provide the research framework that informs the design decisions within this thesis. Keywords: hospitality, healthcare, restorative design, medical tourism