The Imperceptible Editing: Work With Inadequate Footages In Postproduction

by Yinuo Li

Institution: Savannah College of Art and Design
Department: Film and Television
Degree: M.F.A.
Year: 2015
Keywords: Thesis (M.F.A.)  – Film and Television; Savannah College of Art and Design  – Department of Film and Television
Record ID: 2058870
Full text PDF: http://ecollections.scad.edu/iii/cpro/DigitalItemViewPage.external?sp=1002736


Editor is “disappear” artist. People usually focus on the story, the actors’ performances, and the cinematography of the movie. Ironically, that is the central goal of a film editor - to “disappear” and ensure that the audiences are unaware of the edit that occur. When the audience watches a movie, everything the audience sees has a purpose. Directors show audience what they want an audience to see and to lead the audience into the story. An editors’ job lets the audiences feel what they see is real. In this paper, I will talk about the process of editing the visual component of my thesis, the film, Zombie Face. I will discuss the achievements I reached and the mistakes I made, as well as my experiences with working with inadequate footages and some solutions. Keywords: preproduction; bullet time; Sony F65; 4K editing; editing effects