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Working Condition of Migrant Labourer

by Kuntal Guria

Institution: Bhairab Ganguly College
Department: Geography
Degree: Master's Degree
Year: 2014
Posted: 01/18/2016
Record ID: 2063510
Full text PDF: http://www.slideshare.net/KuntalGuria/main-work-57181835


Labour migration is a great concern in India. A lot of people migrate to work place from their home. Due to far distance they can’t take proper care of their family. This type of migration may be seasonally or annually. Sometime migrant labourer migrates to work place along with their family. This process open the way of child labour making. Poor economic condition and hope for better life push them to migrate. In dissertation paper present scholar emphasizes on working condition of migrant labour in brick kilns and impacts on their well being at Shyampur block-1 of Howrah district. The investigative and research based study actually help to express difference types of socio-economic condition with their working status and problems in brick kilns such as gender wise income, major diseases face by migrated labour, age sex ratio, job satisfactions, gender wise education, reason for child labour etc. Thanks to everybody including migrant laborers of brick kilns who responded heartily and who supported physically and morally.