AbstractsPolitical Science

Challenges in Cybersecurity: a comparative analysis of disparate U.S. and Russian positions in the international arena

by Alexandra Taylor

Institution: Roskilde University
Year: 2016
Keywords: Cybersecurity; Cyberspace; United States; Russia; United Nations; Offense-Defense Theory; Soft Balancing; Soft Power
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2063890
Full text PDF: http://rudar.ruc.dk/handle/1800/26827


Taking into account the global nature of cyberspace, and the fact that all nations are vulnerable to threats therein, Cybersecurity seems to be an ideal area to pursue international cooperation. Despite the increasing number of cyberattacks faced by the United States, however, it has been passive and sometimes openly opposed to the creation of any multilateral treaties. Meanwhile, despite Russia’s apparent willingness to utilize cyber weapons, it has been pursuing multilateral solutions through the UN, along with allies such as China, as far back as 1998. This project aims to explain these contradictory policy stances by applying traditional international relations theories, namely Offense-Defense, Soft-Balancing, and Soft Power, to the emerging Cybersecurity field. The conclusion is that there is not one discrete answer to this conundrum; rather the likely explanation is somewhere in between. Advisors/Committee Members: Kluth, Michael (advisor).