Four Years Later: National Identity Politics & Historical Implications in South Sudan

by Sigin Ojulu

Institution: UCLA
Year: 2016
Keywords: African studies; Political science; Sociology; Ethnicity; National Identity Politics; Nationalism; Race; South Sudan; Sudan
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2063907
Full text PDF: http://www.escholarship.org/uc/item/9qx4h826


This paper looks to understand the current salience of national identity in South Sudan. It is based off of a study conducted between June and July of 2015 among a sample of 75 respondents in Juba, South Sudan. The paper focuses on the analysis of our outcomes and uses a historical lens to identify particular events and projects that may have contributed to differences of sentiments across demographics. It is found that although there are significant patterns of variation in identification among demographics, the concept of national identity remains strong. Due to significant limitations, the findings in this study should be considered preliminary. However, they should help to re-inform and update parochial discourses of ethnic attachment in South Sudan, and should add to larger discourses of national-identity and the nation state in many sub-Saharan African countries.