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Research on Business Successor Choice and Issues from the Perspective of Successors: The Case of Taiwanese Family Businesses

by Yi-Chieh Lin

Institution: NSYSU
Year: 2016
Keywords: Attribute; Successor; Family Business Succession; Selection; Family Business
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2070615
Full text PDF: http://etd.lib.nsysu.edu.tw/ETD-db/ETD-search/view_etd?URN=etd-0626116-151539


This study explores the desirable successor attributes in Taiwanese large family businesses from the viewpoint of successors. Multi-case study in terms of in-depth interview is adopted. It is revealed that family kinship, accomplishment, and support from senior managers are the key for choosing successor and allowing the successor to be approved as future. Also, incumbents tend to have preference on successor attribute depending on personal background and need of firm. Participants have also indicated the desirable attributes for future successor. However, the result should be examined by actual decisions in the futures. Several issues regarding to family business succession are also raised, including (1) Succession is about team of a generation from another, instead of power transfer between two individuals (2) The efficiency of gaining experience in an external firm (3) Timing for succession could hardly be designed (4) Taiwanese founders tend to retain their power within business even if they retired (5) Cross-generational communication should be well-managed Advisors/Committee Members: Yun-His Liu (chair), Chin-Kang Jen (chair), I-Hen Chen (committee member).