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Green Bonds and Climate Change: State of the Art or ArtfulDodge?

by Irene T Queen

Institution: Miami University
Year: 2016
Keywords: Alternative Energy; Atmospheric Sciences; Climate Change; Environmental Justice; Environmental Management; Environmental Science; Environmental Studies; Finance; Natural Resource Management; Sustainability; Urban Planning; Green Bonds; Debt Finance; Corporate Social Responsibility; CSR; Corporate Sustainability; Climate Finance; Impact Investment; Low-Carbon Infrastructure; Urban Revitalization; GHG; CDM; Socially Responsible Investors; PRI; ESG
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2080557
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Debt-finance is a growing opportunity to fund environmental solutions. Green Bonds are being used by investors wishing to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility positions while maintaining valid returns on their investments. Based on the well-established bond-finance model, Green Bonds put money into diverse environmental projects addressing impacts from climate changes, depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, and pollution control. “Green” is a voluntary designation, based on a set of guidelines known as the Green Bond Principles. With varying degrees of clarity regarding their use and environmental impact and whether they are a viable solution to climate damages or merely a “greenwashed” ploy used by some issuers to appear more sustainable were questions examined as part of this research. A concise summary briefing (Appendix A), case study draft, and targeted public engagements were completed. Adaptability and responsiveness, sustainability, credibility, legitimacy, and opportunity for social transformation through the use of Green Bonds were reviewed using a case study analysis method. A unique pool of investment capital being mobilized by Green Bonds is emerging through motivated environmental investment coalitions. A review of the integrated impacts of Green Bonds as well as practical knowledge for their issuance is described here. Advisors/Committee Members: Elliott, Steven (Advisor).