'The X in balance', a serious game to learn how to solve mathematical equations

by Yusra Tehreem

Institution: Universidade de Évora
Year: 2016
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2086833
Full text PDF: http://www.rcaap.pt/detail.jsp?id=oai:dspace.uevora.pt:10174/18710


(Prefácio) This dissertation is submitted for the degree of Masters (Engenharia Informática) at University of Évora. Under the supervision of Professor Francisco Manuel Gonçalves Coelho, i have selected to work on game design. With the specific period of time and resources, an attempt has been made to make a serious educational game. While writing this thesis, the objective was to describe a math game for solving mathematical equations. Injecting learning factor in a game, is a main concern of this project. The document is about the description of ‘X in Balance’ game. This game provides a platform for school aged students to solve the equations by playing game. It also gives a unique dimension of putting fun and math in a same platform. The document describes full detail on the project. The first chapter gives an introduction about the problem faced by students in doing maths and the learning behavior of a game. It also points out the opportunities that this game might brings and the motivation behind doing this work. It describes the game concept and its genre too. Besides, the second chapter tells state of an art of serous educational game. It defines the concept of serious game and its types. Furthermore, it justifies the flexibility of serious games to adapt all learning styles. The impact of serious games on learning is also mentioned. It also includes the related work of other researchers. Advisors/Committee Members: Coelho, Francisco Manuel Gonçalves.